Jerome (Eumenidos) O'brien

A Chicago lawyer, Jerome moved out west about 4 years ago to "avoid petty politics" and focus on magical studies.


Order: Silver Ladder Path: Mastigos Virtue:Justice Vice:Envy

Attributes Int 3 Wits 3 resolve 3 Str 3 Dex 2 Stam 2 Pres 3 Man 3 Comp 2

skills mental Academics 3 Crafts 2 medicine 1 Occult 4 (specialty witchcraft) Politics 1 physical Drive 2 Firearms 3 (specialty pistol) Survival 2 social Expression 1 Persuasion 2 (specialty deal making) Subterfuge 1

merits Resources 4 Sanctum 2 Sanctum Security 2 Library 2 (Native American beliefs/Witchcraft) Allies 2 (city hall) Dream 1 High Speech. Dedicated magical tool- Judges Gavel-life arcana Iron medallion necklace- mind arcana

arcana Life 3 Mind 2 Space 1

advantages Health 7/7 Willpower 5/5 Gnosis 3 Wisdom 6 Size 5 Defense 2 Initiative 4 speed 10

Experience spent- Dex 2 (2×5)

Rotes- Self Healing (life 2). Mage book page Dex+medicine+life 183. Healing heart(life 3) heal others. Mage book composure+medicine+life p 186. Organic resilience(life 2). Create life shield. stamina+athletics+life. p183. Two faces (life 3) change own features. Wits+subterfuge+life p 188 Memory hole (mind 2) “forget details” to beat telepathic scanning.composure+occult+mind. p 208

Height- 6’4 Weight- 240 pounds (slightly fat) Age- 42

Weapons- Glock 17 pistol (100 9mm) Mossberg 500 12 gauge shotgun (20 buck && 20slug) Remington hunting rifle (60 308 rounds)

Automobile- Lincoln towncar. Winnebago Adventurer.


Despite his charismatic and breezy personality, Jerome O’brien doesn’t talk much about his past in Chicago. However, if asked directly, he will usually talk about being from the northside of chicago, being born into one of the few Black families in a wealthy white neighborhood. He boasts a law degree from the University of Wisconsin and was a partner in a small but successful law firm in Chicago. He mentions having been married, but is now divorced without ever having children. He states that he was a Member of the Silver Ladder organization in Chicago, but is quite reticent about exactly how long he has been a mage, or his process of awakening. If you ask him why he left Chicago, he will usually say something along the lines of “the petty bullshit between the orders in Chicago got really irritating. Got so i was spending more time dealing with their bullshit than working towards my own growth.” The one person who seems to know anything more than this is Tarquin, the leader of the Missoula Silver Ladders. While Tarquin and he are frequently at odds about Tarquin’s leadership. so far Tarquin has kept his mouth shut about anything more he might know about O’brein’s time before coming to Missoula. To the outside observer, Jerome’s behavior are highly suggestive. He has embraced Montana’s loose regulations on firearms and always has his Glock pistol near at hand, the only exceptions being when arguing a case at the courthouse. In his free time he often trains at the shooting range with his pistol and the 12 Gauge Shotgun he has for home defense. On most weekends he will load up the RV he keeps in his garage and drive into the mountains for camping trips.

Jerome (Eumenidos) O'brien

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