Adam (Sandman) Harcourt

A new student of the Arcane so afflicted by dreams he can sometimes not tell the difference between them and reality . . . if there is one.


Name: Adam Harcourt (Sandman) Chronicle: Missoula, Montata.

Virtue: Prudence Vice: Sloth Path: Obrimos Order: Silver Ladder Cabal:

Key Stats: Health: 7/7 Mana: 7/12 Willpower: 5/5

Size: 5 Defense: 2 Initiative: 4 Speed: 9 Experience: 1 Arcane Experience:

Gnosis 3 Wisdom: 7


Mental: Intelligence: 4 Wits: 2 Resolve: 3

Physical: Strength: 2 Dexterity: 2 Stamina: 2

Social: Presence: 3 Manipulation: 2 Composure: 2


Mental: Academics: 4 Computer: 1 Crafts: 0 Investigation: 2 Medicine: 0 Occult: 3 Politics: 1 Science: 1

Physical: Athletics: 1 Brawl: 1 Drive: 0 Firearms: 0 Larceny: 0 Stealth: 1 Survival: 1 Weaponry: 0

Social: Animal Ken: 0 Empathy: 1 Expression: 1 Intimidation: 0 Persuasion: 3 Socialize: 1 Streetwise: 0 Subterfuge: 3

Arcana: Death: 0 Fate: 0 Forces: 1 Life: 0 Matter: 0 Mind: 3 Prime: 2 Space: 0 Spirit: 0 Time: 0

Rotes: Aura Perception: * Sense Consiousness: * Misperception: * Imposter: Counterspell Prime: * Spare: *

Merits:* High Speech 1 Dream 5 Library 2 Imbued Item 4 Contacts (Library) 1

Inventory: Dedicated Magical Tool: Book filled with blank pages.

Exp Expendature: Computer 1 (3xp) Empathy 1 (3xp) Expression 1 (3xp)


Description: An intense young man with wavy black hair that reaches down to his shoulders. While not dirty or ill kempt, he seems to interact with the world in an incredibly distracted way and is always slightly disheveled. When it comes to people, however, he is known for his intense stare and his pentrating green eyes.

History: Adam Harcourt grew up Adam Caddick; the divorce proceedings had gone against his mother and his dad had maintained custody since he was five. His father, Warren Caddick, is an aggressive, dominating Wolfblood who was ecstatic at the possibility of his son being a pureblood werewolf and was determined to educate the child on his heritage, often by the severest methods imaginable. His mother, Samantha Harcourt, vanished completely from his waking life.

Adam was a frail child, not necessarily prone to sickness but lacking in the stamina of his peers. This condition was completely unacceptable to his athletic father, who saw to it that the child was exposed to sports, the martial arts, and extensive camping and outdoors experience. He did improve, but it was slowly and merely brought him up to the average of his peers. Adam excelled in school and was well known for his razor-sharp scarcastic wit, when he actually bothered to pay attention to the people around him. All too often he would lose himself in abstract thought or creative flights of fancy. As he grew through his teens and into his twenties, (the most common age for a werewolf to undergo their First Change) these efforts became more frantic. It culminated in a weeks long tatoo that his father forced him to endure, a tribal and naturalistic design that covers almost all of his upper body and resonates strongly with the spirit world. His father was sure that this would make him realise his birthright.

Instead, he awoke.

Adam’s path was the Path of the Mighty. Most who think of the Obrimos think on external strength, the power to fight, conquer, and dominate. But there is another kind of strength, the strength to endure, the strength to push yourself beyond your limits and to try, desperately, to avoid dissappointing your mentors. Awakening instead of Changing was the ultimate dissappointment, a complete failure not only of Adam to live up to his fathers expectations, but also of his father to properly raise and nuture the young cub. So Adam fled.

Ironically, he knew exactly where to go. Even though Adam’s mother was forced out of his life by the Sleeper courts, he still saw her, so something like her, in his dreams. Adam dreamed constantly, never knowing empty sleep and often experiencing invasions of his waking life. The dreams were wild and fantastic, telling him of the past, showing him distant lands and singing, tantalizingly, pieces of what may yet come to be. They could be overlayed with what he was seeing even as his eyes were still viewing it, or completely retell the story of a day, so that he woke not knowing which version had actually occured. His father believed it spoke of a strong relationship to the spirit world, but his father, as it turned out, was flat-out wrong.

Adam’s exodus took him through both of his world, the physical world and the world of dreams which resides so closely by it. He was guided along this path by his mother, a compassionate spectere who kept him from wandering too far off the path. He lived out his whole life, several times, while trying to catch up with her, or even just get a good look at her face. At the end of the ordeal he slammed drunkenly into Tallon and his cabal.

Tallon was no fool, he saw the resembelance to Samantha instantly and the tatoos all over the boy’s body were powerful, supernatural, and not the work of an Awakened. Tallon cared for the boy for the next several weeks, teaching him the basics of Awakened magic, the High Speech, the political situation in Missoula and the nature of his dreams and visions. Of particular concern was that damn chest tatoo. Tallon inspected it thoroughly and couldn’t figure out what the hell it did, only that it was definitely Werewolf-based and active. An even greater potential problem was what would happen if others realised that Adam was Samantha’s son, because ever since that woman had blown through Missoula like a rocket powered Abrams tank on fire there was no middle ground on were people stood. Either they loved her or they hated her, and the former camp was noticably smaller than the latter. Samantha was a member of the Mysterium who had worked closely with Tallon during her time there, and Tallon was partly terrified at the prospect of Samantha coming back to discover that he had neglected her child and partly burning with interest at what her son was capable of.

Adam for his part seemed unconcerned with the tatoo and completely ignorant of his mother and her role in Missoula’s history. Instead he leapt joyously into mental pursuits, taking a job at the local library and finishing up his degree at the local community college, scoring exceptionally. Noticing this interest Tallon pointed the young man towards the Ascented Adepts, where Adam became a student of (TBD with the GM). Many at the Mysterium were very interested in having Adam join, including Tallon, who offered to let Adam join his cabal. but he was completely disinterested; he wasn’t going to finally free himself from under one person’s thumb just to leap beneath another’s. Instead, he joined the Silver Ladder, finding appeal in their message of empowerment and pride.

Finally, Adam announced his presence to the Concilium, took the shadow name Sandman and legally changed his last name to Harcourt. This last action left Tallon stricken with worry, were it not for the system of shadow names and the incredibly small number of people who knew Adam by his real name such a rash action would have revealed his relation instantly. However, Adam had since completely left Tallon’s care, so Tallon can merely watch with interest at how the youth does.

Adam (Sandman) Harcourt

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