Leonard (Acies) Fisher

Awakened Private Investigator with ties to the local Sleeper authorities.


Path – Mastigos

Order – Guardians of the Veil

Virtue: Charity

Vice: Pride


Int: 3 | Wits: 3 | Res: 3

Str: 2 | Dex: 2 | Stam: 2

Pres: 3 | Manip: 3 | Comp: 2

Will 4/5| MANA 6| Health| Speed 9| Initiative 4| EXP 7|


Academics 2 (LAW) | Investigation 3 | Occult 2

Athletics 2 | Firearms 2 | Stealth 2

Empathy 3 | Persuasion 3 | Socialize 2 | Streetwise 1 | Subterfuge 3 (MISDIRECTION, LYING)


Glock 22 (main sidearm) | Damage 2 (9 again) | Range 20/40/80 | Capacity 15+1 | Size 1/S | Cost 2 |Carries 2 clips with him

Beretta Model 92 (backup in sanctum) | same as glock minus 9 again

Green VW Jetta (Mid-size car) | Durability 3 | Size 12 | Structure 15 | Accel 19 | Speed/Safe 169/110 | Handling 2 | Occupants 1+3


Gnosis 2

Forces 2 | Mind 3 | Space 3 | Arcane EXP 4 |


Allies 2(Police) | Resources 2 | Status 2 (Private Eye) | 1 (Guardians of the Veil) | Hallow 1 | Sanctum (Size 2 Security 2) | Masque 1 (Runehold: +2 Invest, Occult & -2 Pers, Emp)


Remote Viewing: Space 2: Int + Invest + Space (pg 237) scry

Unseen Guard: Space 2 – Res + Occult + Space (pg 238) space ward

The Crooked Eye: Space 1 – Wits + Invest + Space (pg 200 GoV) can send vision off like a mobile camera. Does not magnify or illuminate whats on the edge of vision but gives an unobstructed view

Forever Stranger: Mind 2 – Wits + Subter + Mind (pg 210) incognito prescence

Whispering Shield: Mind 2 – Manip + Stealth + Mind (pg 211) mind shield (armor)

Dimmed Sight: Mind 3 – Int + Sub + Mind – Comp (pg195 GoV) each success reduces all of the target’s reflexive perception dice pools by 1


Age: 30

Birthday: 8/13

Height: 5’10”

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Caleb Green went right to the police force out of high school. He advanced quickly through the requirements to become a detective, and, at 21, easily passed the test. He became fast friends with his partner, Sean Mohart, and the two solved cases that no one else could. As time went on, however, they realized that all was not well in their precinct. Corruption was rampant and at least half of the officers were making money on drug deals. Disgusted, Sean and Caleb quit and started their own Private Investigations firm.

A few years passed as they expected. Work went smoothly and they were glad to be fighting what they once were unknowingly a part of. Then, everything changed. The new Chief of Police asked for their help in investigating a drug trafficking ring that may have help from dirty cops. Caleb instantly agreed, but Sean had some reservations, eventually agreeing . During the investigation, Caleb got a tip about a shipment coming in. Knowing that this was their chance to blow the case wide open, he tried to contact Sean so they could raid it together. After several failed attempts, Caleb went by himself, not wanting to miss everything. He called for backup in the precinct and they went to stop the deal.

Something felt wrong when they arrived. As they moved in to catch the perpetrators, they were ambushed and nearly gunned down. In the chaos, Caleb saw Sean shooting at him. Shocked and enraged, Caleb tackled him. Crying, he begged Sean to tell him that this was all a misunderstanding. Sean responded with a blow to his head. Thinking him unconscious, Sean got up and began to walk away. He was rewarded with a bullet to the left knee. Howling in pain, he fell to the ground, clutching his knee. The two of them lay there, both unable to move and unwilling to fire, until the rest of the police arrived and put Sean in handcuffs and loaded him into an ambulance.

Caleb closed the firm shortly thereafter. He couldn’t handle the workload by himself and all the memories there just seemed to make things worse. He worked odd jobs for a while, until he was approached by a representative of a very large company that wanted his expertise. They would pay him a very large amount of money to help dig up information on a person’s past before the company would even consider hiring them. The only issue, the man said, is that he would need to uproot and move to Montana for his specialized job training. Caleb thought long and hard about this decision, for it would be leaving everything and everyone he knew behind. But something inside him, some small part hidden away, suggested very loudly that this was the right thing to do.

His next few years were spent in Missoula, Montana, where he took advanced psychology and forensics classes to broaden his repertoire of skills. He was assigned an advisor, John Pollman, for specialized instruction on how to use these skills effectively. It was during one of these one-on-one sessions that he Awoke. His trip to Pandemonium thrust him into a new world, the real world. Pollman revealed that he had been chosen by a group of mages (as he was now called) to help protect everyone from dangers they know nothing of.

Now, Caleb no longer answers to his own name. He has adopted the persona of Leonard Fisher, Leo for short. The people closest to him call him Acies, Latin for “sharp”. With help from Quasar (Pollman), he opened a PI firm on top of a Guardian controlled hallow, both to protect it and to help in his work.

Ally: Martin Doerr- Detective in the Missoula Police Department. I sometimes consult for him if he has a difficult case.

Antagonist: Sean Mohart – Former partner back in Detroit. Was helping dirty cops run business for a cut of the profit. I helped put him behind bars. His parole date is quickly approaching…

Sleeper Acquaintances:

Mike – Bartender at the Rhino

Sharon Silver – instructor at Silver Dojo, I take an Tai Chi class there once a week

Sean Bryant – distant relative, 3rd cousin twice removed or something. Local college student.

Awakened Acquaintances:

Quasar – Local Epopt of the Guardians. Obrimos and my one time mentor. He has managed to make the other orders accept the Guardians much more than in other regions due to the high werewolf population.

Virtue: Caleb has a habit helping people who need it when he knows that it is the right thing to do, even if he already has a lot on his plate.

Vice: Caleb has a hard time letting go of things, especially when people tell him that he’s doing too much. He wouldn’t have chosen this lifestyle if he couldn’t handle everything, and he’ll be damned if he gives in before the job is done.

Leonard (Acies) Fisher

Missoula Montana CQuimby