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House Rules


The scale of paradox is (from lowest to highest), Bedlam, Branding, Anomaly, Havoc, Manifestation. The abyssal taint starts with the personal and spreads outward the more severe the paradox. Furthermore, the paradox dice pool is Gnosis/2 + 2*number of vulgar spells (as opposed to Gnosis/2 + number of vulgar spells).

Aggravated Called Shots

A called shot to the head, using any kind of weapon or firearm, inflicts aggravated damage. An unarmed strike to the head still inflicts bashing damage, unless the character has some way to inflict lethal hand damage. Targeting the head imposes a -5 modifier.

Slower Magic

Casting an improvised spell requires two actions in combat. The first turn must be spent preparing the spell, which involves a slight gesture and few mumbled incantations. If the mage takes any damage during that turn, the player must roll Stamina + Resolve (this roll is reflexive).

If the roll fails, the spell is disrupted and the mage must spend another turn preparing. On a dramatic failure, the mage loses control of the spell and the Storyteller immediately makes a Paradox roll, using the mageUs normal pool (including any modifiers for vulgar spells cast in the same scene), regardless of whether or not the spell being cast was vulgar. If the roll succeeds, the spell is cast normally on the mageUs action during the next turn. If the character has the High Speech Merit, she can chant for the +2 modifier normally during the preparation phase. Rotes do not require a preparation turn.

Missoula Montana

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